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CounterVolt exists at the intersection of music, art, and technology. We are an Austin, TX curatorial organization focusing on visionary artists that are pushing the limits of electronic music, experimental light-based art, and interactive tech installation. We curate events with local, national, and international artists who make multi-sensory installation and music performance experiences that expand our ideas of technology and genre. We bring exposure, space, and resources to artists on the forefront of interactive tech art and music practices including; surround-sound musical performances, interactive light installations, multi-channel video art projection, and expanded cinema performances. Most importantly, our mandate is to not only to bring national and international artists to Austin, but share this platform with local emerging and established artists, giving our Austin artist community the resources to share their work. CounterVolt is run by a team of local Austin artists with a passion for flashing lights, electronic beats, and artists that blow our minds.

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